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Simple Living
Many of us strive to live simply— to unclutter our homes, reduce our carbon footprint, and live a bit lighter on the planet as we create truly sustainable lives. Whether it’s a backyard meditation space, guest housing, a shelter during spiritual retreat or remote off-grid housing, ShelterCart provides unlimited ways to support the simple life. And no need for a fossil-fueled vehicle to move your shelter where you want to be!

As the first truly portable living shelter that can serve as short or long term housing, ShelterCart is the better answer to the small house movement. Its mobility and affordability offers users unending flexibility in location, function and individualized options. It can easily be pulled by a person, bicycle, or draft animal. Combining sleeping, living, hauling and storage with full mobility, ShelterCart can be used for a wide variety of simple living situations:

mobile meditation space | backyard guest housing | lodging for spiritual retreats— individual “handcart hermitages” | festival and event camping | vendor cart for artists and handcrafters | seasonal employee housing for outdoor adventure staff | archeological and remote field worker housing

The many uses of ShelterCart are limited only by your imagination. Contact us for information about price reductions for multiple unit purchases and non-profit discounts.

Five percent of all sales proceeds from ShelterCart units sold in the Recreation and Simple Living markets are used to support our efforts to place this product in the humanitarian relief field where it is needed most.




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